The top 10 sexual mistakes people make and how to fix them

couple-oxytocinA recent survey by an online UK pharmacy identified the most common faux paus people make in bed and they listed the top ten. We give you’s take on these issues and how you can correct each mistake:

Misdirected Thrusting

This is a beginner’s mistake which is mostly caused due to watching too much porn. The intensity of a guy’s thrusting depends on what position you’re in; sometimes shallow thrusting is more appropriate than deep thrusting. Don’t make the mistake of hammering her like a jackrabbit, that’s only for porn. In fact, hitting her too hard in a sensitive spot can end things for the night. The right way to thrust is to use your hips and keep the rest of the body stationary.

Calling out the wrong name

Okay this is something that has happened to the best of us at times. There’s nothing more demoralising than hearing your partner scream out his/her ex’s name while you’re in bed. Just make sure you have sex when you’re sober and keep repeating your current partner’s name in your head. And if confused, stick to the ‘Oh God’. That’s better than getting the wrong name.

Falling off the bed

Embarrassing and unrealistic as it sounds, it is one of the most common mistakes which can be fixed by staying away from the corners of the bed.

Dirty talk gone wrong

Another common faux paus is dirty talk gone wrong. Talking dirty isn’t as easy as it looks in movies or porn. Different people have different tastes, and what’s sauce for the goose might not be sauce for gander. Here are some safe dirty talk tips:

  • Ask your partner what they want
  • Praise your partner’s skills and physique
  • Tell them you want them badly
  • Don’t get carried away. Say your partner has a big bottom, don’t go on talking about it all night, it might be a turn-off!

Getting caught in the act

While there’s nothing more exhilarating than forbidden fruit, and having sex in a place that’s not designated for sex is a fantasy for most people, very few of them actually end up having sex in places they fantasize about. So if you’re having sex in a place you’re not supposed to have sex, do a bit of reconnaissance, close the door and make sure you’ve enough time to put on your clothes before you get in trouble.

Injuries during sex

Injuries during sex are more common than you think. One of the most common ones is the penile fracture for guys. Well you can’t literally break it because it doesn’t have a bone, but it can rupture. This freakish bedroom injury is most likely to occur during bouts of vigorous sex usually in the woman on top, reverse cowgirl or the rear entry position. It happens if the penis bends too much at the base which occurs either when the female partner comes down on the penis at the wrong angle or if she bends forward or backward too much. One guy actually tried to sue his ex-girlfriend for reckless behaviour! To avoid such mishaps, don’t get too enthusiastic when you’re trying the aforementioned positions. You really don’t want to go the emergency room with that kind of an emergency!

Falling asleep during sex

There is a special rung in hell for people who fall asleep during sex; it’s just below the rung which is for people who stay neutral during moments of moral crisis and above the one for people who mix coke with fine scotch. Jokes aside, falling asleep during sex means you’re either very tired or you’re just not in the mood. So do yourself and your partner a favour and just tell them you’re not in the mood. There’s nothing more soul destroying than having your partner fall asleep while you’re getting down and dirty.

Getting stuck in restraints or outfits and losing items in inappropriate places

Once a decade or so, we get a literary phenomenon so powerful that it completely redefines the lives of people in that era. So while Harry Potter did it for children growing up in the late 90s and 00s, 50 Shades of Grey did it for mothers and women in the first decade of the second millennium. Not only did it become compulsory reading for anyone who considered themselves to be sexy, it also made BDSM and sex toys mainstream. And with that came the danger of mishandling them.  In fact, a man just died after inserting a toy in his anus which he then failed to take out.  So read the instructions properly before you try anything!

These are just some things that’ll boost your performance in bed. Besides these, here are some foods that’ll help you last longer in bed.

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