Dating Tip Be confident to charm your date


Confidence is a tool that can take you places. Your personality should ooze confidence not just on the work front, but on other occasions as well. And if it is your first date with a new person, a confident attitude can surely make a lasting impression. This tip is valid for both girls and boys who want to impress their date. Even if you think you are not very attractive-looking or do not have too many achievements to boast about, wear your confidence with flair and your chances of having a second date improve. (Read: 10 things women wish men knew about sex)

Here are a few tricks which can help you stay confident:

  • Smile. A pleasing smile can hide your nervousness and make you look more confident.
  • Keep the conversation going. Even if you are not much of a talker, get the other person to talk by asking questions so that there are no awkward silences and you don’t look bored or nervous.
  • Maintain eye contact, don’t look down at the floor when you talk to your date.
  • Just take a deep breath and keep yourself calm. Enjoy the moment and you will do fine

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